When a person is selling a house, the ideal situation is that the moment it is on the market, someone will come by, do a walk through, like it and purchase it. However, this is not always the case and sometimes it can be on the market for as long as a year and even longer. Therefore, with the hope of your property making a good first impression and getting into the hands of someone as quickly as possible, these thoughts are put forth.


Give the rooms a new coat of paint and choose colors that are light or neutral such as cream and light blue. Although this is not a major thing, because after all, the buyer can and will most likely repaint it in a color that he/she preferred, it is still important. Don't forget, it's all about first impression because everyone will not be able to repaint it "right away."


Have the furnace serviced by a professional and do not forget to draw attention to this. It will help to put the buyer's mind at rest. He/she would be happy to know that after purchasing the place he/she would not be suddenly plunged into the cold and find him/herself paying a few hundreds of dollars to fix it.


Beautify the surroundings of your house. Plant some flowers and wash the windows and walls and you may find that out there do not need a coat of paint. Do not forget it's all about getting it into the hands of someone else and getting the amount of money you are looking for.


Some properties are sold with appliances and if you will be doing so with yours, make sure that all of them are in a working condition. This way, you will not have to worry about purchasing new ones.


Make sure that there are no water stains around, repair leaking pipes and dripping faucets and repair all odds and ends.

Contact A Professional

You can always hire someone who is versed in preparing a place for sale. He/she will advise you as to what to and what not to do, to attract buyers.

If you hire a Realtor to sell it for you, he/she will be able to give you some advice as to what usually causes a buyer to turn away or to make an offer. There is usually a lot of work involved in selling a house, especially if you want to get the money you are asking for. Therefore, jump in there and get it ready for the market.