You have decided to put your abode on homes for sale lists and want it to go for a great price. You're aware too that before you put it up in the market, you need to spruce it up to impress potential buyers and convince them take it for your price (or even more!). Fortunately, there are many ways to do that without spending big bucks. All you need is little creativity and knack for style.

Change the paint. It is the easiest way to reinvent the look of your home. You can add texture to it and use a color that you have never tried before as long as it will go well with the existing furnishing. Word of caution though, you may get too excited with bold colors but neutral or "safe" colors are preferable since you're not sure what type of buyers will be interested. Just make it look interesting.

Enhance the lighting. Change the bulbs, add a couple of lamps or have a new lighting fixture installed. The right type of lighting can perk up a room's look and create a cozy ambiance. Don't forget to show it off to potential buyers. They need to see how elegant the lighting is.

Shift focus on the windows. The right window treatment can give even old houses a new look. When a buyer is due for a visit, use your best blinds, curtains, shades or valences. Don't go without it. It can help enhance the total appeal of your house.

Impress with your flooring. You don't need to change the flooring of the whole house or have expensive exotic hardwood installed. There are affordable choices that you can use for the most worn-out or ugliest room and you can see the big difference that it can do. You can also have the carpets deep cleaned to get rid of odor. A fresh-smelling house can add up to its saleability factor.

Fix leaking pipes, sinks, bathroom, tubs, pools, air conditioning and heating systems, fireplace, broken windows, roofs, faucets and other appliances. Make every thing inside the home properly working to serve their purpose. You don't want to attract low bids because of a defective dryer vent or a leaking roof, do you?

Buy new shower curtains, toilet seats, faucets or towel rods. These are little changes that can go a long way and can definitely make your bathroom interesting again.

Give your home a refreshing scent. Yes, you can make a good impression by simply giving your house a pleasant smell. That means, you need to have essential oils diffusers, keep your pets clean and spray air fresheners.

Keep it clean. The most inexpensive and basic way of sprucing up your home is to get rid of the dirt and clutter. A clean house will always be appealing to buyers. So take out the trash, have an immaculate kitchen, vacuum the carpets, dust off the furniture, change the curtains regularly and polish your floors. 
Sprucing up your home can definitely add up to its selling value. And the good thing is you can do most of the work and without undue expense.