Tenant sometimes does like to become over smart. They forget what you have done as a landlord for their benefit and try to cheat you. Sometimes it does happen that the tenant refuses to pay the rent. This is definitely an alarming situation and you will be in dilemma whether what you should do. This is definitely a big question for you and you need to find the solution immediately.

The first thing which you should do is that you should find out that why the tenant has refused to pay back the rent. This is indeed very important. Sometimes it does happen that the tenant refuses to pay the rent for some time period. It might be that the tenant has lost his job or spent all his money on the medical expenses. If you find out that his reasons are genuine then you should try to help him. You should provide him some time and even wave off some percentage of the rent. You should just feel that you are doing for the noble cause.

Now suppose the tenant refuses to pay the rent deliberately then will you still feel safe? It is quite sure that you will feel unsafe. But what will you do? This is definitely a big thing to keep in mind. You need to charge the late fee immediately and do not show any kind of emotions. You will definitely find out that the tenant do try to cheat you sometimes. Hence you should make sure that you use the late fee clause as well as the security deposit concept for your benefit. If you will initiate these rules then the tenants will never be able to cheat you on behalf of rent. They will always pay the rent in time.

Similarly you might find that the tenant does not report you within three to four days after you send the late fee notice. In such cases you should not sit ideal. You will have to make sure that you contact the tenant face to face as soon as you find that he is cheating you. Try to understand that why the tenant is doing all such things. If you still find that the tenant is cheating you then you should proceed for the eviction process. You can take the help of the court.

In any case do not go against the rules. File a petition in court that your tenant is not paying the money and then follows the steps as directed by the court.