Hiring a well-qualified listing agent is one of the most important things you do when selling a property. Your listing agent is going to be the one who does much of the negotiating for you, and who will be in your corner fighting with you to get the highest number possible from interested buyers. Finding the perfect agent for your listing is especially important in highly competitive markets, such as Scottsdale luxury homes or NYC office space. To help you navigate the murky waters, here are four important qualities to look for in a listing agent:

1. Experience. How many years has the listing agent been in real estate? Studies show that listing agents who have 5+ years experience often make double or triple newly licensed agents.

2. New Media Intelligence. Although older agents may have more experience, they may not be as well versed in using new media to find buyers - something that many newer licensees have already mastered. If possible, find a listing agent who combines both experience and technological savvy to move their properties - you'll thank yourself for it later, when it turns out the agent found your buyer off of Craigslist.

3. A Portfolio. This is important, because it shows you the agent's particular kind of expertise. If you've got a high-end condo nestled in the middle of a cluster of Scottsdale luxury homes, you're not going to want to hire somebody who moves more commercial property than anything. A portfolio will tell you the background story that the listing agent may not.

4. A High List Price to Sale Price Ratio. Does the agent typically get 95 percent of the asking price or higher? Or is the ratio much lower? You want somebody with a proven track record of being able to get buyers at (or near) the asking price of the homes he or she sells.