When you've decided to sell your house, you don't just put it up in the market and offer it as it is. If you do that, either you make a sale lower than expected rate or would wait a longer time before a buyer gets interested. Rather, a wise move would be to prepare it for good impression. Buyers, especially when the market is slow, want their money's worth.

These days, more and more buyers would rather look for as many homes for sale before even considering seeing it. The most convenient way to see what's in the market is through the internet. That is why a home seller must consider advertising online to get as many prospects or bids as possible. Since there are many other properties to choose from on the net, the home seller need to capture prospective buyers' interest right from the start. How can they do that? For starters you can share in the best features of your house via good description and by posting accompanying photos.

The decision whether you do-it-yourself or hire a professional photographer to do the job is entirely up to you. What you need to remember is that the photos must accentuate what's good in your property and not the other way around. Here are some tips:

• Clean your house before starting to shoot. A clean, uncluttered house even with few furnishing is more interesting than a big yet unorganized house. Arrange your best furniture so that it will serve as the focal point in the photograph. Take different-angle shots and re-arrange things around the house if needed.

• Scan a few home magazines and get ideas from there. You can see what angles look best for every room. Take as many photographs as possible so you can see what are best for uploading.

• Avoid including people or pets in the photographs. Unless you want attract pet lovers to be the next owner of your house, you may turn off people who don't want to deal with pet smell and stains. Just stick to giving your prospective buyers how furnishings can be arranged even in your smallest room.

• Highlight your house's best features. Do you have a manicured garden? A comely pool? How about a cozy but ultra-modern entertainment room? Grabbing attention from prospective buyers is what you're aiming for. Give them an idea on how good-looking your house is.

• Use a good camera. This is important because the impression you're giving is that you take pride in showing off your abode. Use the best resolution possible too (for online photos, medium resolution is faster to upload while giving a sharp quality) and the lighting must be excellent as well. You don't need studio lights here but proper lighting can make a big difference in capturing the look of your rooms. Take photos on different parts of the day to test which lighting is best.

• Ask for opinions from your friends. There are photos that look good to many people and some only appeal to a few so if you're not sure which ones to post on the internet, ask your relatives or friends to make suggestions.